==Cecil Rockstone

Cecil Rockstone
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Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 12(season 1) 15(season 4) 17(season 5)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight 18.5

Cecil Rockstone is the protagonist of Silver's Feather and the summoner of Silver.Cecil goes on a journey to rescue all the guardians from the Shadowlord and his alies.Cecil travels with Zeal,Ai,Jam and Iris to stop the Shadowlord from destoying Cocoon and menacing the world once more.Cecil has the power to pull the Ten Needles of Dawn to avoid destruction of Cocoon.Edit


Cecil's appearance is ordinary.He has silver hair and have baby-blue eyes,and wears a blue-gray shirt coverd by a dark sweatshirt.He wears long sweatpants.


Cecil is a brave and heroic,caring personality,willingly to risk his life for his friends and family,people he never met.This is shown when he protects Silver from harm from the Lich.Cecil is an upbeat person at times when helping his friends with there problems.For example when Jam is taking training to be a good boxer like his dad he incourage him to help save his mother.Cecil matured over the years when traveling to help rescue all the guardians,restoring Silver's powers.He displays a lack of responsibility and a smart sense of humor,but for quick to anger at times when he confess his feelings for Ai(who saved him from a giant golem).His friends relies on him to solve most of his powers with Silver.Regarding to obtain the Feathers, he becomes positive and because he uses his powers for justice.Cecil cares about his friends and those will fight beside him.

Trivia Edit

  • Cecil seems to taunt jam at times.
  • He was the first to get hit by one of Jam's punches.
  • His second appearance kinda resembles Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.
  • He never puts his sword away.